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Selecting the right mosaic tile for your project

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The choice of style and finishes are virtually unlimited when it comes to the best mosaic tiles. Products have been created with patterns that generate the feel of ultra-modern to classic greek. So when deciding on a style for your project how do you make the correct choice? Well, there are few things to keep in mind when making your selection for the best mosaic tiles.


  • Use an appropriate color choice.

Light and bright colors will enhance space while darker or heavily patterned tones can make areas appear smaller.

  • Use your imagination

Take inspiration from art or magazines. With such a vast selection you can really push the envelope and let your imagination free.

  • Select a quality product

Don’t skimp on quality. Mosaics are used to create stunning feature elements that catch the eye. Buying lesser quality products will only diminish the effect of the work.

  • Consider pattern

Select an appropriate design for the area you are working with. A farmhouse style kitchen for example may look odd with high gloss geometric backsplashes.

  • Ensure suitability

Make sure that the tiles you are using are suited to the area you are working with. Floors, walls, and areas like bathrooms or shower stalls all need the correct tiles that will be appropriate and durable.

  • Consult the experts

If you are not sure exactly how to proceed then engage the help of professionals ( Decostone Design ) that have worked with mosaics previously. They will be able to provide expert advice.


Finally, along with pattern, quality, and suitability also consider the tiles finish. A high gloss or glass finish will bounce and reflect light while a matt finish can dampen it. Depending on the effect or mood you want to create, the finish or lustre of the tiles used can help to complete the overall look.

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