5 Stunning Tile Trends of 2022

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Tiles enhance a space’s two-dimensional boundaries and add texture and color. They also possess the outstanding ability to aesthetically simplify challenging colors and finishes. For instance, cobalt blue paint might be a little too daring to cover the bathroom walls, but it looks vibrant and modern as a tile. Alternatively, a fireplace surround will make the wild pattern that feels too cluttered to use as curtains look exciting and daring.
While a pop of color or combination of bright colors with subtle elements has been given much preference in the past, neutral tones and subdued tones are something that would be dominating this year.
With that said, let’s look at what Decostone Design has to offer. Here are the top five stunning tile trends you need to look forward to for your next project. These tile ideas are not just suitable for your residential spaces but commercial properties as well.


The basic design concepts of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics are combined to create the modern, minimalist, and elegant design trend known as “Japandi.” Consider simple shapes, subdued colors, and organic or natural materials. Bring nature into your room by including baskets, bamboo, and indoor plants.

Zellige Tiles

The Fez region of Morocco is where Zellige Tiles were first produced. They were typically square in shape. In contemporary interior design, the rectangle shape has seen an increase in the popularity of this style. When installed, they have a stunning undulating surface that mimics a rippling pond. Squares are returning in design. Check out the tile designs by Decostone Design if you are planning to make the ‘old thing’ the ‘it thing’!

Floral Patterns

While the pattern tiles have never gone out of style, what’s hot now are the floral tiles and geometrically patterned tiles. Along with floral patterns, there are many other shapes that you can use to create a pattern design for tiling. Trapezoids, rhombus, and diamond-shaped tiles are capable of producing an infinite number of patterns. As a result, you can create something completely original with anything from backsplashes to spacious living areas.

Natural or Organic-Edged Tiles

A design element is known as a living, organic, or natural edge that incorporates the tile’s natural edge into the installation. From hexagons that end in an artistically asymmetrical manner to the natural collection, which focuses on forms and finishes that can be combined to create your own distinct theme.

Industrial with a Touch of Chic

To create an environment that is a little bit adventurous, Decostone Design offers the appearance of concrete, stone, and corroded metal. A very grounded setting that is open to any style. With this look, your basic manilla kitchen will have a very professional chic feel to it. This style is versatile and can be used in other rooms of the house as well.
With the growing hybrid working culture, if you are someone who has an office set up at your residence, an industrial setup can be a way to spruce up your home office space as it gives a professional feel along with a stylish touch.

So these are the top five stunning tile trends that you can utilize in your upcoming projects. Make sure to check our website as we deliver custom-made designs that you can use according to these trends!

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