Outdoor mosaic styling ideas

Mosaic Styling Ideas for Your Outdoor Detailing

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When it comes to outdoor decor and styling, there are many options that you can choose from. One such styling option is mosaics. The thing about mosaic styling is not only can you use these tiles for flooring and other traditional tiling use, but you can also use these tiles to create a separate theme altogether.

Mosaics are a great way to freshen up your outdoors and add more to the serenity you have. There are various ways that you can use mosaics to liven up your space. For example, mosaics can be used for flooring and backsplashes and create specific wall murals and wall arts that can complement your themes and enhance the beauty of your space.

With the growing need for custom-made designs and statement decor, Decostone Design has brought you seven mosaic styling ideas that you can use for your outdoor detailing and design.

1. Mosaic wall art

Using entire wall-size canvas or any other art is now being overlooked, while mosaic wall arts are stealing the spotlight. These pieces can mix up with any type of theme or a specific interior styling that is already present.

Mosaic wall art is also a way to add a statement piece or bring some color to that specific space. These pieces of art are eye-catching and are something that many homeowners and commercial spaces are preferring to enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces.

2. Broken design effect

This type of effect is where different shapes of mosaic pieces and laid out on the designated space with a proper structure. They are placed randomly, but once the whole placement is complete, it might not seem much, but it indeed brings the character of that room to life.
This type of mosaic styling can be used to enhance a specific wall screen and partitions or can be used to highlight pillars.

3. Mosaic table tops

Mosaic tiles are durable as they are made up of sand, stone, and glass. Style your outdoor furniture pieces with mosaics. You can use them to create centerpieces for your tables tops. You can also get match coasters made with mosaics.

Mosaics go well when mixed with other tiles such as ceramics and marbles. In case you are thinking of clubbing mosaic with wood, that creates a uniques look as well. Wood and mosaics are actually the upcoming themes for outdoor styling ideas. So go ahead and get your outdoors a touch of mosaics.

4. Mosaic BBQ island

Barbeque islands are something that everyone kind of has at their outdoors irrespective of the number of times they actually use them. While you have a barbeque set up in your backyard, why don’t you go ahead with some mosaic tiling to make it look good and match well with the outdoors?

You can use mosaics to line up the borders of the barbeque island. They merge well with natural elements and, at the same time, allow you to have a touch of design in your natural outdoors.

5. Singular color scheme

Are you in love with one single color palette? Choose different elements of the same color for your outdoor styling project. As mosaics have a wide range of color schemes, no matter what type of color pattern you have thought of for your outdoors, you will surely find mosaics that would go really well with them.

You can also choose one single-colored mosaics and use them in different aspects. This gives your space a sense of stability and creates comfortable harmony. You can either place them in less quantity, such as in tabletops or surrounding elements or you can use them to feature large structures such as cabinet lining, fountains, or pond backgrounds.

6. Mosaic staircase

Mosaics are a great way to make any aspect of your room or space look lively. So why not liven up those boring white staircases with mosaic lining? This is a great way to add a splash of color to spaces that have monotone interiors or monotone color schemes.

Mosaic stairways are also a way to give that joyous feeling to that specific space. It may not seem much, but the colors of the mosaics are quite enough to highlight and make the pearl white tiles seem exciting.

Now that you are well acquainted with styling ideas for your next outdoor project, have a look at the wide range of mosaics that Decostone Design has to offer. We also cater to custom-made designs if you have a specific design in mind!

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