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5 Tips to Use Mosaics to Create Serene Outdoor Decor

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Outdoor spaces are meant to have that one relaxing spot to chase away your worry and feel at peace. These are the spots with an affinity to nature and have colors that mainly focus on the type of emotions you want to feel or have when in that space.

Depending on what type of space, area, and taste, you can have various themes that can go with your idea for outdoor decor. For example, you can have more natural elements and earthy color combinations if you want to have that rustic earth feel.

If you are planning for a larger space that you also want to use for entertainment, bold color themes along with a statement obelisk can be an ideal choice.

One of the best ways to style up your garden patio or outdoors is by using mosaics to create that serene look for having a relaxing state of mind.


Decostone Design has brought you five tips on how you can use mosaics to spruce up your outdoor decor and create a serene look!


1. Garden themed walkway

Mosaics can be paired with the natural theme your outdoor space has. For example, if you have bright and colorful outdoors with flowers and creepers blooming, having a pathway of a similar color combination can make your outdoor place seem more fresh and magical.

If your outdoor consists of a more woody feel, you can have a deep amber mosaic art selection for your pathway that is serene and will also complement your natural outdoor decor. No matter what type of space you have or are planning to create, mosaics can surely be used as they display an artistic array of colors and themes.


2. Mosaic-inspired koi pond

Having a koi pond is not always recommended. The weather or your outdoor conditions may not be best suited for you to have a healthy koi pond. However, a mosaic-inspired koi pond can add depth to your outdoor space. This illusion will make your koi pond stand out and easy to maintain.

With the help of mosaics, you can be as intricate as you want with the design, making your mosaic koi pond look fresh and very realistic. It surely is not the same, but the design and the colors you are able to achieve with mosaics are very appreciable art in itself.


3. Statement mosaic wall art

Confused about what to have on that single large wall you have? Style it up with statement mosaic wall art. Whatever your theme be, mosaics have a way to be suited and matched up with the decor. Wall art doesn’t only mean having huge beautiful paintings, but it also means having mosaic art pieces adorning your outdoor patio walls. Having Picasso-inspired walls done with mosaics is how you can convert that boring wall into a statement mosaic wall art.


4. Mosaic sculptures

While having elements and accents added to your outdoor space can help you give character to the room, having mosaic sculptures can make your area stand out. These sculptures or figures can imbibe your style, your spirit animals, or just be of the random shapes that go well with your outdoor feel.

If you want to have pure 

aesthetics added to your outdoors, consider having 3D mosaic sculptures or mosaic birdbaths. They increase the beauty of your outdoors and, at the same time, create a relaxing vibe.


5. Outdoor table tops

Outdoor spaces are sometimes just a solace of color. Considering that, you can design your tabletops with a combination of different shaped mosaics. To make the best of the mosaic feel and decor, mix it up with contrasting colors and shapes. For example, if you have a round surface table, style up the tabletop with square-shaped mosaics and vice versa.


Mosaics stay good all year round, with the changing season and all. If you are still skeptical, you can always add a surface sealant layer to keep the mosaics safe. Mosaics are the best way to liven up your outdoor decor but at the same time not change the dynamics of the space entirely.


With that said, if you are someone who’d like to have customized mosaic work done for their garden patio or outdoor entertainment area, make sure to check out the designs by Decostone Design. We specialize in custom-made tiles and mosaics that fit your taste and preferences.

Make sure to let us know your favorite mosaic designing tip in the comments section below. We would love to hear what our readers have to say!

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