3 Timeless Backsplashes to Create the Best Kitchen

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When it comes to kitchen interiors, it’s hard to find the perfect balance between the colors, and themes, and match all of this with the other elements that are involved. With the growing trend of having equal aspects of modern interiors with traditional tints, it’s difficult to find a middle ground for all.

Decostone Design understands these concerns and brings you one simple solution: Kitchen backsplashes. Kitchen backsplashes refer to the back wall material. These can cover the whole wall or can be just a section. You can use kitchen backsplashes to add a nice touch or for that pop of color.

Regardless of the designs, kitchen backsplashes are a fun way of making your kitchen interiors different from what you commonly see. Adding kitchen backsplashes is beneficial in protecting the walls behind the kitchen and can also change the whole look of your kitchen, in a positive way!

Although tiles like hexagon, picket, penny, and square format tiles have been the most in trend when we talk about kitchen backsplashes for the longest time, we have brought you a few options that can be chic and timeless at the same time. These tiles would not only benefit you in keeping the kitchen walls clean and prevent them from any damage but can match well with the modern interiors that have been in trend this year.

The materials that are usually used for kitchen backsplashes can be largely classified into four types:
Natural Stone
Porcelain or Ceramic

Kitchen backsplashes have so many choices and can be very versatile when it comes to the designing part of it. As mentioned above, you can directly use the tiles for your backsplashes or you can also have a mixture of two or more tiles to create a custom-designed backsplash.
Decostone Designs delivers custom-made tiles and designs as we use the waterjet technology for our tile designs and tile art! Now that we have discussed the materials and how kitchen backsplashes can be helpful to beautify your homes, let’s look at three timeless backsplashes that you can choose for your next kitchen project.


1. Fun geometric backsplash


If you are someone who enjoys clean and simple designs but at the same time has a certain character to them, having geometric backsplashes placed with a fun symmetry can be your ‘go-to’ option. You can use this method by combining two types of tiles or you can use tile and wallpaper to create your own style that suits your theme or interiors.
One can also consider having just one single wall used for kitchen backsplashes and use simple tiles for the rest. This way you get to have the best of both. The wall used to create a geometric backsplash will enhance the beauty of the kitchen interiors. You can use the wall that is your focal point to design your suitable backsplash.


2. Moroccan-styled backsplash



Moroccan tiles are very versatile and are able to create stunning designs. With that said, these tiles have been in trend for kitchen interiors for a long time and still haven’t lost their magic and so these tiles have made it to this list!
If you have a specific theme and want your kitchen to match or keep up with the selected theme, the Moroccan style is the best way to go through as they come in various color schemes and patterns. Moroccan tiles can get you that chic look but at the same time can create a very subtle look, delicate enough for them to be a part of your kitchen backsplashes.


3. Artistic Mosaic backsplash


Glass mosaics can be used to create a kitchen backsplash. They are non-porous in nature and durable. They are not only resistant to staining and bacteria but also prevent mildew and mold which can be of great concern to a few homeowners or to those who have a lot of fiction and traffic in their kitchen area.
Like Moroccan tiles, mosaics come versatile and the creation of kitchen backsplash designs with mosaics is just sky-high! You can choose your kitchen backsplash to be the epitome of history with vintage-style mosaics or reinvent it with contemporary settings. You can choose them to be of the same color going ahead for the simple yet clean look or add a few colors to give your kitchen space some depth.

Kitchen backsplashes have many options and with changing times and technologies, there will be many more trends to come as well. The above-mentioned are some of the timeless design ideas for your kitchen backsplashes that go well with any time of interior and be in trend for the coming years too.
If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and follow through with these said kitchen backsplash designs, make sure to check out tile designs by Decostone Design! If you are looking to get your backsplash custom-made, you can rely upon Decostone as we manufacture 100% in the USA.

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