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5 Fresh and Exciting Tile Patterns for Creating a Style Statement

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Generally, we give a lot of thought to deciding a specific type of tile for a particular space. It doesn’t matter what space it is; you need tiles. But when you look down, the design, the texture, the feel it gives when combined with the specificity of that room and the elements added, you need tiling ideas. Decostone Design is a tile manufacturing company that manufactures 100% in the USA, and today we have brought you a few ideas that can help you create a style statement. You don’t spend thousands of dollars on interiors only to have dull and manilla tiles, do you? Here are five styles that can spruce up your space and give it that signature style statement.

1. Old Fashioned Patterns

Old fashioned patterns and designs create a nostalgic feeling. Depending on the overall look you’d like to create, you can select an old-fashioned pattern. Old patterns such as mosaics go very well with modern elements and fixtures. You can pair up single-colored mosaics with plain interiors. Now, these mosaics can be laid as floor tiling or can be used to create a backsplash. Furthermore, you can also use multicolored mosaics for kitchen walls or build a statement wall in the living space or the lounge area. Pair it up with subtle elements, and voila, it’s pleasing to the eye and creates a surreal effect to that space. Such tile patterns can be most suitable in hallways or in areas where you would like to hang photos and pictures. They also match well for kitchen walls or the dining area.

2. Penny Tiles

Penny tiles or mini hexagonal tiles may seem basic, but when put together in ample space, the effect it creates is something worth the effort. These penny tiles can be matched with areas that get a lot of natural light or space whose interiors are on a tad bit brighter side. If you plan to design the entire space using penny tiles for your flooring, combine them with plain colored square tiles, preferably white. It creates a classic look with a fresh feel to the space. Penny tiles are most suitable for powder room flooring, where you can match them well with metallic bathroom fittings. You can also use them to create an extra layer above wood flooring for those heavy traffic areas of the house, such as the doorways. In addition, these tiles are very durable.

3. Tones Plus Textures

Are you more prone to using a single tone but want something that’s not vanilla? Style it up with the same tone tiles and textures. For example, if you like blue tones, go ahead and choose blue textured tiles to keep the liveliness of the space and at the same time have a monochromatic touch. Mixing tones and textures can give the space a unique look. For example, if one side of the area is covered with a single-tone wallpaper, use textured tiles for flooring. If three sides of your room are covered with one tone, design one side with similar tone tiles. Not only that, but with the right combinations, it also complements each others’ features giving you a statement look. Tones with textures pattern can be used in revamping your bedrooms, where a single tone with multiple textures can be used without disturbing the room’s harmony.

4. Mosaic Backsplashes

Get rid of those boring walls and replace them with patterned mosaics. Mosaic tiles are decorative and can create a very soothing look. You can also get them customized according to your choice or the theme of the space you are going to use them in. Mosaic backsplashes allow the space to get that joyful character as the patterns are intricate yet colorful. You can use them to spice up your kitchen walls without the need to redesign the whole look. The most iconic yet one of the classic looks you can create is combining blue vintage style mosaics with plain white tiled walls. These mosaics can not just be used to create unique backsplashes for your kitchen but can also be used to decorate your outdoors. Use them to create bold wall art for your outdoor gazebo and cabanas.

5. Moroccan Floor Tiles

Do you love bold styling? Take a gander with beautiful yet bold Moroccan tiles. They have a wide range of color schemes and go well with almost any type of space. All you need is a few earthy-feel elements to jazz it up. Moroccan tiles are best suited for floors and for specific artistic backdrops. They give your space a touch of cheerfulness because of their color combination and stylish feel. If you have an area with arched windows and doors, this type of tile is best suited; it compliments the windows as well as the door.


Now that you are all set to choose a fresh pattern for your next tiling project, make sure to check out Decostone Design, as we take pride in getting tiles and patterns customized exactly according to your needs.

Feel free to comment below if you have any additions or any other patterns you would like to suggest. We are eager to hear from you!


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