About Us



Decostone Design is a Southern California tile manufacturing company, producing its designs 100% in the USA.

Decostone Design began in 2010, by a group of tile and stone craftsmen who envisioned a company where the boundless imagination of each client could be created by the skilled talent of the artist. Since then, Decostone Design has experienced quick growth and outstanding opportunities to create a masterpiece for every client they collaborate with.

Whether designing a garden patio, remodeling a home, or any other number of opportunities, Decostone Design devotes the highest levels of service combined with the inspiration of an artist to create a masterpiece for each project.

Our Mission

Built on an unshakable foundation of honesty, trust, integrity and fairness, we provide superior products through the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service. We accomplish this by forging lasting relationships with our vendors and clients that lay the groundwork for successful futures together. These relationships, in combination with our groundbreaking technology and cost-effective methods enable us to complete each job within the appointed timeframe. We adhere to the highest ethical code, and take seriously our social responsibilities of fostering diversity and non-discrimination, jobsite safety, and a harassment free work place.

Our History

DecoStone was founded in 2010 to service the design community. Our dream was to establish a company unlike any other, where the limitless imagination of our clients was met with our ability to create it! And what better place than the United States to reach that dream. The "American Dream". That is why we are proud to say "MADE IN USA" Imagine a dream and we will design it. Imagine a design and we will create it. Imagine a form and we will build it! Our goal is to provide a full range of tile manufacturing and design services to customers throughout the United States. Although we are a relatively new company, our experience in the industry goes back decades providing the tile design industry with a competitive, leading edge tile manufacturing company that puts the client first!

Our People

With a wide array of experience and background, our staff is composed of an array of artisans and craftsmen. Our training and expertise ranges from everything between classical European style, to local Southern California designs. Each is dedicated to providing every project, and every client, with the absolute highest level of service possible. Our background is as wide and deep as our commitment to perfectly create the majestic plans you imagine.