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Dramatic Feature Elements using Mosaic Tile

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Along with the wide variety of uses for mosaic tiles they can be used to add a dramatic and eye-catching feature on walls and floors. Given the wide variety, colors, and finishes available the choices and design options are endless. If you wish to create a look that is stylish and unique, then mosaic tile can provide a vast array of options. 


Tiles can be selected that have a sleek, modern finish, or to enhance your area in the style of an era or county. Victorian, Moroccan, and multiple other styles can be used to evoke the feeling of stepping into a specific time period or location. Contemporary modern masterpieces can be recreated to add an artistic flair to a shower cubicle or bathroom wall. Or an ornate floor inlay can break up large uniform areas with symmetrical or geometric designs to add interest to a room.


Designs like Roman borders are frequently used in bathrooms to create a classic and relaxed feel, while more intricate, ornate designs can be used in hallways to welcome guests. Even an understated patterned border can dramatically lift an otherwise plain room. Kitchens benefit from highlighted areas and can run from rustic to modern styles with elements being used to create a chef’s kitchen or country farmhouse. Pictures, patterns, and motifs can all be employed to design an overall look.


Finding the correct design that highlights and complements the style of your home is vital, not going too big or too small will help to keep your feature element in the correct proportions for the rest of your room.  Whether you wish to create the feel of an avant-garde Parisian mansion, or a small designer boutique, you can achieve the effect you desire by using versatile mosaic tile in a combination of different ways.

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